Elaine has vast bespoke experience in this area. Elaine McGowan Dietetic Clinics provide corporate dietetic and nutrition consultancy to private hospitals, catering companies, hotels and to corporations.

These services are often tailor made to suit the clients requirements. We have piloted, implemented and evaluated a three year workplace wellbeing programme with a five year follow up and maintenance programme for a multi-national company. This programme encompassed every aspect of nutrition and exercise initiatives, implementation and on-going evaluation.

Dietetic consultancy on site

On-site clinical dietetic consultancy

Individual dietary advice

Develop and implement clinical nutrition guidelines and policies

Corporate Health Promotion Initiatives

In the changing world of work, motivated, well-qualified and above all, healthy employees are essential for competitiveness and capacity to innovate. Incorporating health promotion at your workplace makes sense. With dramatically rising health care costs, it is important to keep your employees healthy.

Healthy employees tend to have lower health care costs, fewer workers' compensation claims and fewer absences. Investing in your employees' health through a Workplace Health Promotion program can save you money. Good health equates to higher productivity and reduced absenteeism.

We offer dietetic and nutritional educational support to promote healthy lifestyles and manage chronic illness at your workplace.

Corporate Health Promotion Initiatives include:

  • Presentations and seminars on aspects of Healthy Eating tailored according to requirements
  • Development and implementation of theme Healthy Eating Days or Weeks
  • Develop and provide dietetic and nutrition information leaflets, articles, newsletters and e-mail shots for employees
  • Development and production of dietetic and nutritional information for company intranets
  • Development and production of dietetic component of company health and wellbeing videos

Corporate Dietetic Clinics On-Site

  • Monthly on-site company dietetic consultancy
  • Individually tailored dietary advice and programmes for employees
  • We have piloted, implemented & evaluated 3 year workplace wellbeing programmes
  • Vast experience in on-site workplace health promotion programmes

Corporate Dietetic Catering Consultancy

EMG Dietetic Catering Consultancy Services:

  • Menu analysis and reviews menu planning and recommendations
  • Dietetic and nutritional guidelines for menus and booklets
  • Develop and design dietetic and nutrition content for print material
  • Educate staff on nutrition and specific dietary requirements
Download Sample Healthy Eating Sample Recipes and Menus developed by Elaine McGowan, Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist