Elaine McGowan is an active member of the INDI

Elaine McGowan Dietician and Weight Loss Expert Ireland

Dip.(Diet.), B.Sc. (Human Nutrition), M.Sc., M.I.N.D.I Consultant Dietitian / Clinical Nutritionist Accredited Sports Nutritionist

The INDI, founded in 1968 is the national organisation for clinical nutritionists and dietetic professionals in Ireland. All professionally medically qualified dietitians and clinical nutritionists in Ireland are members of the INDI and are covered by professional indemnity insurance. INDI members work under a strict code of practice, ethics and confidentiality.

The INDI's mission is to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in the science and practice of human nutrition and dietetics, to positively influence the nutrition status and health of the individual and the population in general. This incorporates clinical nutrition, community nutrition, business and industry, research, education and private practice.

What does a Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist do?

Dietitians/Clinical Nutritionists have a scientific and medical background which enables them to formulate disease-specific dietary and nutritional advice. Dietitians apply knowledge of food, nutrition and other related disciplines such as biochemistry, physiology and social science to promote health, prevent disease and aid in the management of illness. They also work to promote good health by teaching the public and other health professionals about diet and nutrition.